Geisha Room Frankfurt

Zenzakan's private sex room in Frankfurt
Geisha Room Frankfurt

Geisha Room Frankfurt

If you are planning to take your escort Frankfurt on a romantic and erotic date, Geisha room Frankfurt is the best place till now. It is located in the Pan Asian Supper Club Zanzakan. The main goal of the owner was to combine the best Asian dining ambience with sensuality and romance. If you are really looking forward to set up your mood with your erotic sex companion and want to enjoy the best Asian cuisines then Geisha room Frankfurt is definitely a go to.

Geisha room Frankfurt in Pan Asian super club Zenzakan is stretched on 2000 square feet and is decorated with the emblems form China, Vietnam and Thailand. The inspired setting from the three cultured Asian countries makes it a perfect and a classy place to visit. This high-end super club and bar is also applauded as one of the five successful five star restaurants of Frankfurt.

The menu is loaded with variety of Asian cuisines. For example, sushi, tempura, charcoal grilled meat, sea food, Thai curry, lobster tempura and much more. Addition to this amazing menu, the bar also has a walk in wine cooler where you will find more than 2500 exclusive international wines. The drinks here are served by professional bartenders and you can’t resist the drinks made by them. These skillful bartenders are specialized in making best cocktails in Frankfurt. However, if you are not in the mood for cocktail, then you can ask to get your glass topped up with chilled champagne. Also if you want to try out different drink, do try out Japanese vodka named Shochu.

Apart from fine dining and Drinks this place is also a heaven for those who are looking for a place for lounging. The exotic interior designed with authentic Asian art makes it relaxing and mesmerizing for the visitors. Many famous and well know celebrities come here for lounging and to have a few drinks.

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Highlight of this five star Pan Asian restaurant is the Geisha room where you and a VIP callgirl from RED MILLION® Escort can enjoy the fine dining in private environment. This room is decorated with sensual paintings that creates a romantic and sensual ambience in the room. There is also a small bell to call your personal waiter. As waiters aren’t allowed to enter the room until and unless they are summoned by the visitors. The room is also equipped with a stereo system so that you and your outdoor sex escort Frankfurt can enjoy a soothing music with the lavish dinner. If you are thinking that this private room would cost you wonders then you are probably wrong here because this Geisha room Frankfurt cost minimalist.

So if you want to enjoy the nightlife of Frankfurt yet want some personal time with a top class escort model, then Geisha room Frankfurt should be your option. Here you can enjoy the traditional Asian food with a couple of drinks that include the exclusive variety of best wines, champagnes and hard drinks. If you want you can have some sensual fun with a RED MILLION® party hooker in this private sex room in Frankfurt am Main.

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